Punch buggy

Punch buggy.  You know, the game where you see a VW bug and you punch the nearest person?  Aside from the “Keep yo hands off ma Momma, keep yo hands off ma Doritos” commercial, I think this one was my next favorite ad from the Super Bowl.

Which Super Bowl 2010 commercial made you laugh hardest?

Celebrate family. Celebrate life.

“Celebrate family.  Celebrate life.” This was the title of the Focus on the Family commercial with Tim Tebow and his mom that aired tonight during the first quarter of the Super Bowl.  I saw it and after all the hullabaloo and ruckus in the days leading up to it, I was left thinking, “That’s it?  Where’s the offense in that?”

Yahoo Sports had an interesting article commenting on the commercial itself, as well as the ramifications and precedent it sets for future Super Bowl ads.  Here’s an excerpt.

On a larger scale, though, the Tebow ad has the potential to change the landscape of the Super Bowl advertising, and, in turn, the national post-Super Bowl conversation.  Advocacy groups tend to follow the approach of siblings appealing to their parents : they did it, so why can’t we?  The Tebow ad now serves as precedent; from now on, a network that turns down an advocacy ad is inviting a lawsuit, or at the very least wide-scale protests.  The result could be that networks give equal time to opposing points of view, leading to a can-you-top-this cycle of advocacy messaging.

The writer then goes on to ask these questions.

  • What about the millions who look at the Super Bowl as an escape from the thorny political and moral issues of the day, who want nothing more than to watch some football and laugh at a few amusing ads along the way?
  • Should money and political ambition trump the original purpose of the game?
  • Do we need to have moral and ethical discussions involved in every area of our lives?
  • Or is that exactly what we need?

Well, yeah, we do need to have moral and ethical discussions involved in every area of our lives.  Focus on the Family did a great job of positively supporting and upholding life.  The verdict after all the brouhaha: much ado about nothing.

The Yahoo Sports article is here (and you can also view the ad there if you missed it): http://tinyurl.com/ylxxf4w

The rest of the Tebow family story is on the Focus website here: http://tinyurl.com/5ksnko