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I’ve written here and here about the problems with my 2007 MacBook CrackBook, which I have affectionately dubbed the iLemon.  In it’s two-year history, the entire casing/keyboard/touch-pad has been replaced three times (so far) and the motherboard and sound card have been replaced.  Thank goodness I bought Apple Care, although one would hope that after spending $1000+ on a laptop one wouldn’t have to spend an additional ~$300 to make sure Apple is held responsible for fixing its expensive machine when their faulty engineering causes it to break.  And now I’m looking at this yet again:

The Apple CrackBook

When I get back to the States in January my first stop will be the Willowbrook Apple Store before my Apple Care plan is up in June.  Now, lest you think I am especially abusive of my computer and cause this damage myself, my Mom/Sister 1/Sister 2/upteen-number-of-friends/many-angry-netizens have experienced the same problems.  Apparently this is why:

The cracking explained

The Apple CrackBook phenomenon explained