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    NJ native without the accent or the big hair. Currently residing in Beijing. Teaching English. Absorbing all things China. Exploring SE Asia.

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Bu yao androgynous mullet, part II

The Chinese love asymmetrical, layered hairstyles.  Fortunately for them, they can pull it off with their thick straight hair.  Unfortunately for me, I do not have thick straight hair.  In a country of 1.325 billion people, where do hairdressers get to practice on non-thick, non-straight hair?  That would be me.  I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to getting a trim from someone who doesn’t speak the same language.  It’s hard enough to explain to an English-speaker what you want, and to try to get them to cut what you want and not what they think would look good.  Throw in a different culture with different ideas about what a flattering haircut looks like.  Some experiences have definitely been better than others, but I’ve never been Continue reading