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National day of mourning

Yesterday (4/21) was a national day of mourning to remember the 2000+ people who died in the Qinghai earthquake on April 14th.  In addition to flags flown at half mast, newspapers and online sites honored the victims by going black.  Entertainment, video, and music websites stopped offering their content for 24 hours and featured black and white banners on their sites about the earthquake.  Performances and movie theaters closed their doors for the day.  I had planned to do a review period in one class yesterday and the students asked for a regular lesson instead, saying that the review activity would be a form of entertainment.

Here are some visuals of how China mourned:

the People's Daily, official CCP newspaper

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Yushu earthquake pictures

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Earthquake in Qinghai

Many people have checked in to see if I’m okay after seeing China’s latest earthquake in the news.  Thanks for your thoughts and messages – all of us far away in Beijing are safe and didn’t feel a thing (we’re 1190 miles away).

Qinghai (pronounced ching-hi) is a remote area in China’s Tibetan region and the earthquake occurred along one of eastern Tibet’s most active fault lines.  Unfortunately rescue efforts are slow because Qinghai Province is so isolated and there isn’t very much excavation machinery.  From what I’ve read, people have been pulling the rubble apart with their bare hands to look for survivors. Continue reading

Leaving on a jet plane

Nanchong (Mary's hometown), Sichuan province, PRC

I am my mother’s daughter.  I’m preparing to leave tomorrow for Sichuan, a province in south central China, so what do I do?  Clean the house, of course!  My Mom always made us clean the house and make our beds before we left on vacation when I was a kid.  I hated it then, but now I do the same thing.

I will be in Chengdu and Nanchong with Joel, Mary, baby Jacob, and Anna through Sunday where we’ll be visiting with Mary’s parents, burning our taste buds on spicy food, and hiking a mountain.  Unfortunately for my students, they will be hard at work studying and taking their midterms all week.  See you next week with pictures!

Famous for its pandas, Sichuan province is also where the devastating earthquake struck last spring resulting in the loss of so many lives