Recipe: one bowl mocha cake

One Bowl Mocha Cake

I made this recipe for a friend’s chocolate-themed birthday this past weekend.  What’s great about it is that if making a cake from scratch scares you at all, this is as easy as baking cookies.  There’s no heating over a stove or anything – mix everything up in a bowl and into the oven it goes.

The angle of this picture makes the appearance of the cake look better than it actually was.  The rack in my Chinese oven apparently isn’t level because when I put the layers together they were really lop-sided!  Oh well, it was delicious and the sparklers from Anna’s Mom were good entertainment!  Here’s the recipe:

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Recipe: chocolate truffle cookies

I don’t really like to bake and often end up scraping stuff I try to bake into the trash when I burn it or it doesn’t turn out right.  I thought I’d try this recipe because it seemed really easy and it got good reviews.  But be warned: this is not for the faint of heart!  You must love extremely rich chocolate desserts if you’re going to make these cookies.  They are delicious, but eating just one made my teeth hurt!  It should be renamed “death by chocolate truffle cookies!”

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