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Gold rush

The medal race between China and the U.S. and difference in perspectives: http://www.boston.com/sports/other_sports/olympics/articles/2008/08/18/no_secret_to_chinas_gold_rush/?page=1

Crazy baseball: http://www.suntimes.com/sports/couch/1114230,couch081908.article


Say it right

I’ve loved watching the Olympics since it’s in the city I call home for now. However, one thing that drives me nuts is that all the news commentators pronounce “Beijing” incorrectly! I understand when they mispronounce athletes’ names, but is it unreasonable to get “Beijing” right? I heard one guy get it right and not say “Bei-zhing.” Here’s some help so you can get it right, too.

How to pronounce Beijing? NBC seems unsure

Too great to pass up

Wrist repair

I didn’t write about this back in March when it happened, but I was in a bicycle accident with a certain inanimate object that will not be mentioned (but it’s not a car). After five months, a memorable experience to a Chinese hospital (mis-diagnosis #1: dislocated wrist), a visit to the western care hospital (mis-diagnosis #2: tendonitis, take some ibuprofen and it’ll go away in three days), an MRI, an orthopedic surgeon, and a hand specialist, I have a real diagnosis! The MRI showed that I tore three ligaments in my right wrist, so I had a wrist arthroscopy done on Tuesday morning to repair some of the damage. For those who asked, here are some pictures:

The cast I got from the Chinese hospital. They wanted me to keep it on for six weeks but I took it off myself within 24 hours. Yes, that strip of gauze around my neck is what they gave me for a sling.

Taken today, two days after surgery. The splint and dressings stay on until Monday when I can swap this get-up for a removable brace.

I know some of you are still interested, so I’ll give you some more details. One ligament was torn in the middle so everytime I twisted my wrist my ulna actually went through the tear, rubbing against it and causing a good amount of pain. Pretty, right? I have pictures from the surgeon of the ligament before and after the surgery but I won’t put you through that on here. 🙂

I leave to go back to Beijing on August 20. I’m glad I have such a wonderful roommate and great team to help me with the things I won’t be able to do while I’m healing up!

Students in the US!

A number of my students are in the United States this summer for school-related trips, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to see any of them or not. But I got a phone call tonight from one of my juniors! She told me all about her experiences in LA and DC. She’ll also be traveling to NYC and Boston before she returns to Beijing to attend the Olympic Games. She was in a shopping mall today and someone gave her literature in Chinese about the book and she wants to talk about it when we all get back to China.

It’s good to be home, but it’ll also be good to get back to life in Beijing and see students again!

Check out my house

Google Maps is really neat and really scary. For a while they had winter images of my house from several years ago when we had an above the ground pool. I randomly Googled my address tonight and saw that they updated their images. You can see the new pool now and everything’s green.

Here’s the link if the image below isn’t working: my house.

View Larger Map

The summer I took photography class