Jenny & Amanda to Beijing

My sister, Jenny, and her friend Amanda are coming to visit me in Beijing in May!  As I was booking Jenny’s flight via Air Canada, I was given the option of selecting a meal preference.  Here were the options:

  • Asian vegetarian meal
  • bland meal
  • diabetic meal
  • gluten free meal
  • Hindu meal
  • Kosher meal
  • low calorie meal
  • low carbohydrate meal
  • low cholesterol/fat meal
  • low sodium meal
  • Muslim meal
  • nonlactose meal
  • no salt meal
  • peanut free meal
  • raw vegetarian meal
  • seafood meal
  • special request meal
  • vegetarian meal
  • vegetarian/lacto-ovo meal

Air Canada needs a new byline and here’s what it should be:

Air Canada: perfect for the picky eater

I selected the seafood meal for my sister.  I’m sure the seafood in coach will be yummy.

(just kidding.  but I was tempted!)

Clearing the snow

Here’s how they cleared the record snowfall we got last week:

The snow broom! (from the People's Daily Online)

And how they cleared it at my school.  Not with the army or policeman like above, but with students.  Students wielding some strange tools: plywood bolted to wooden poles. Continue reading

Cute Chinese kids

cute Chinese kids

These kids were practicing their English on us one night as we were waiting for a table at a restaurant.  They would say a few words and run around the corner, then come back and do it again.

Faux snow a-fallin’

For all you RSS feed readers (that’s you if you use Google Reader or Blog Lovin’ or something similar), if you visit this actual blog site you can see falling snow through January 4.  Thanks, WordPress, and may that be as much snow as Beijing sees for the rest of the winter.  You can keep all the snow in the NE U.S.!  Check out the faux snow:

And as a belated Christmas gift, China has unblocked WordPress and my blog again.  Thank you, China!

C Audio’s free download of the month

C Audio offers a free audio book download each month.  December’s free download is The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

If I start listening to it now, maybe I’ll be finished listening by this time next year since it’s no short book.  So start now!  You have just one week left to download your free copy!

Plane ticket purchased

I will be visiting NJ January 15 – February 20… and bringing a RDFZ student with me!  Looking forward to regularly attending my Sunday club and seeing all of you this winter!

The creation of man

Babylonian creation epic Enuma Elish: the goddess Ninhursag created man from clay

African Yoruba culture: Obatala created man and Olorun breathed life into him

Egyptian mythology: the ram-headed god Khnum created man from the clay of the Nile

Chinese mythology: the goddess Nuwa was lonely so she created animals and then created man on the 7th day of her work

Mayan sacred book Popol Vuh: animals and nature could not praise so Quetzalcoatl created humans to praise him, but he was disappointed with the humans so he sent a flood as a remedy for a faulty creation

Navajo mythology: the spirtual realm existed before the creation of the earth

Greek mythology: Prometheus shaped man out of mud and Athena breathed life into him

Genesis: I AM formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being