epic Chinese tattoo FAIL

I don’t know how I forgot to share this story, but I did, and now I’ll let you laugh with me.

For some reason, Western white people think it’s cool to get Chinese characters permanently inked on their bodies.  I just ask that if you’re thinking of doing this, please get a second opinion on a decent translation from a Chinese reading/writing/speaking person.  After all, if you don’t keep it forever, it’s going to be painful to get rid of.  If you want to be amused, there are countless examples of foreigners’ Chinese tattoos here.

But back to my story.  Several weeks ago I was in a restaurant and I noticed that the man at the table next to me had some fairly prominent tattoos Continue reading

“Bearded Beanie” hat

(right-click to enlarge)

“Bearded Beanie” hat: the weirdest thing ever?

Today’s lesson: always log out of your email account

Apparently this morning I left my email account logged in on the office computer.  A couple mischievous colleagues (Jenny-M-soon-to-be-K and Cherie-T) happened upon my defenseless inbox and sent me this:

Dear Self,
How are you today? I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.  By the way, those highlights look fabulous.  You did awesome in Chinese class this morning- keep up the hard work!
Don’t be nervous about going home, everything will work out ok.  Are you excited for Jenny to come visit? You should definitely go to the Great Wall when she comes.  And you should bring Jen with you.  🙂  And Cherie too.
Actually, Cherie has already been, so don’t invite her. Continue reading

The sisterhood of the traveling hair



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First week of school

It’s the first week back at school, and school officials have already canceled classes.  8th period yesterday was canceled and all classes are canceled tomorrow.  In the words of my team leader, “It sure does feel like we’re back to school now that classes are inexplicable canceled.”

I have a bunch of new students and here are the most memorable names this semester:

Current weather conditions in Beijing: smoke


Punch buggy

Punch buggy.  You know, the game where you see a VW bug and you punch the nearest person?  Aside from the “Keep yo hands off ma Momma, keep yo hands off ma Doritos” commercial, I think this one was my next favorite ad from the Super Bowl.

Which Super Bowl 2010 commercial made you laugh hardest?