Chinese for “Backstreet Boys”

I learned something useful and new today.  The Backstreet Boys in Chinese is 后街男孩 – hou jie nan hair.

hou = back

jie = street

nan = boy

hair = child

Do you understand the words that are comin’ outta my mouth?

When I first arrived in Beijing, I wasn’t too excited about learning Chinese.  I’ve changed my mind since then and have been making baby steps in the right direction.  I often get comments like “Three years – you must be fluent” or “Can you really understand anything at all?”  The real answer lies somewhere in the middle (although admittedly closer to the latter), so today’s post is for anyone wondering how much Chinese I can actually speak or understand.  Because I’m lazy I’m not going to include the Chinese characters or the tones, and I don’t think it makes much difference to anyone who reads this anyway.  This is a fill-in-the-blank homework assignment that I had to turn in this morning.  Excuse the Chinglish translations and enjoy.  =)

jintian huidao jia, wo jia dishang luanqibazaode, yinwei wangle guan chuanghe, zhuoshang de huaping suile, zhen zaogao, nage huaping bushi wo mai de, shi pengyou songde.
(Today I have returned home and my floor was a mess because I forgot to close the window.  The vase on the table was broken, how unfortunate.  I didn’t buy that vase, my friend gave it to me.) Continue reading

Life lately

I have a confession to make.  I was wearing flip flops around the apartment and wore them right into the shower today.  I don’t know why I suddenly reverted back to my college days and their accompanying grody showers, but I looked down and there they were.

Aside from wearing my shoes into the shower, two friends and I decided to take a break from Chinese food and eating in, and treated ourselves to TGI Friday’s tonight.  My Caribbean calamari salad (minus the squid, I had it replaced with chicken instead) was yum and a nice break from the ordinary.

My friend Victoria does a great job discussing and rating the movies Continue reading