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First week of school

It’s the first week back at school, and school officials have already canceled classes.  8th period yesterday was canceled and all classes are canceled tomorrow.  In the words of my team leader, “It sure does feel like we’re back to school now that classes are inexplicable canceled.”

I have a bunch of new students and here are the most memorable names this semester:


Adios USA

Zai jian, USA!  I’m on a direct flight back to Beijing right now.  I’ll land in thirteen hours, returning just in time for the new school term to start on Tuesday.  In my last semester as a teacher I’m teaching 10th grade history, the international students, and an after-school elective in business management.

It’s hard to believe how an intial 10-month commitment slipped into life in Beijing for 36 months, and it seems like I arrived just yesterday.  But as I contemplate the close of this time, there’s one thing I just can’t Continue reading

Current weather conditions in Beijing: smoke


En route to NJ, USA

This is a scheduled post because right now as you are reading this I am on a plane bound for Newark, New Jersey!  I’m looking forward to seeing the New York City skyline in 13 hours, and even driving on the Turnpike and Rt. 80 (yep, I’ve been in China too long!).  Five weeks of HEAT, bagels, a soft bed, clean(er) air, no grading, a language I understand, more hot water than I could use in one shower, Emergence, and family here I come! Continue reading

New Year’s Day 2010

Parties with students:

Sr 1, Class 13

Sr 1, Class 12: Five MJ's

Games with the international students

Mark (Hong Kong) & Filip (Ukraine)

Koreans: Kevin & Min

Out to dinner with friends in the evening:

Anna and I with the Cao family (their cousin was taking the picture and the entire family was very insistent that the fish tanks provided a perfect backdrop)

A day of snow

We have a snow day!  No one can remember if this has ever happened before, but this is definitely more snow than Beijing has seen in over than a decade.  There is not a snow plow in sight, but people are out shoveling and sweeping the sidewalks (yes, I did say sweeping – who needs a plow when there’s an endless supply of workers with bound bunches of sticks??).  Happy snow day!

Here’s what happened last night after our Sunday night meeting, when everyone found out classes were canceled at both Fu Zhong and Shi Yi (Ren Da is already finished for the semester):

What's everyone staring at so intently?

Mario Wii, of course! Children of the '90's...

Here is some snow graffiti from my international students:

Complements of the Kazakhs

Complements of the Koreans

More Christmas parties

The team at my school has a party each year for our adult Chinese friends, and it’s a great time where we eat lots of traditional Christmas cookies and other treats, play games, and sing some Christmas carols.  All kinds of people are invited – former students who have graduated, Chinese teachers and tutors, Chinese English teachers at our school and other colleagues, and other friends.  Here are a couple pictures from the party of my current Chinese teacher and teachers from years past.

Anna, Julian, myself

Julian was our first Chinese teacher during the 07-08 school year. We are good friends with him and his wife, but we don't get to see them as much now as we'd like.

Lu Laoshi (left) was the first teacher we had when Andrew, Anna, and I began attending Sinoland College last spring. We've had Liu Laoshi (right) this schoolyear. We were so glad they could come, and the general manager of the college and his wife were also able to come!