I bookmark things I like that I’ve read online.  If you’re interested, you can look at those articles here.

Absurdity, Allegory and China
Black and White Cat
China Digital Times
China Law Blog
China Rises: Notes from the Middle Kingdom
ChinaGeeks: translation and analysis of modern Chinese society, politics, and internet
Jottings From the Granite Studio
Laowai Chinese
Laowai Ink
New York Times China
Patrick Chovanec
Pomfret’s China
Shanghai Scrap

Silicon Hutong
Silk Road International
Speaking of China
The China Beat
The China Observer
This is China! BLOG
Eileen Eats
Wall Street Journal China
Xinjiang: Far West China

Personal Finance
Xtian Personal Finance
Money Help for Xtians
The Simple Dollar
The Frugal Law Student

Friends & Family
Ann Foley
Anna Hayes 1.0 – Beijing, China
Anna Hayes 2.0 – Beijing, China
Josh Knilans – Beijing, China
Bob & Angela Garner
Caleb McCollim – Beijing, China
Emanuel & Candace Dolph
Greg Vruggink
Cherie Tryon – Beijing, China
Kate Suffern
Krista Edsall
Luke & Cara Rumbaugh – Dubai, UAE
Mark Erikson
Bruce Terpstra
Mike Anfang
Don & Suzanne Rumbaugh – Honduras
Steve & Debby Lopez – Argentina
Janna Schwab
Rachel Vruggink
Mike Webster
Amy Rumbaugh – Honduras
Kate Hamilton
Victoria Tiedeman
Knight – Chinese high school senior
Knight teaches Chinese – Chinese high school senior

Dr. Bill Brown
22 Words (Abraham Piper)
a brave, chivalrous endeavor (David Crowder)
Big Mama
Boundless Blog
Boundless Webzine (Focus on the Family for 20-somethings)
Christa Taylor Blog
Donald Miller
Emily Post Etiquette
Empowered Traditionalist
Josh Harris
Molly Piper
Shawn Groves
Shawn McDonald
Stuff White People Like
The Official Google Blog
The Talking Donkey
Time Magazine

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