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What’s keeping me busy

I know it’s been a little while since you’ve heard from me, so I just wanted to post a quick update on life.  The school schedule has been all over the place, with days off during the week for various exams and classes scheduled on the weekends.  I have to check my calendar each morning to remind myself what day it is, because even though today is Saturday we taught school like it was a Wednesday.  Just the usual end of the term China craziness.  (:  My final days as a teacher are on Monday and Tuesday, which is a strange thought after three years.  24 seems too young to go through a career change!

These final days are filled with goodbyes to students and teachers, last luncheons, and dinner parties.  Instead of leaving directly for America, Anna and I are taking a few days off to debrief, relax, and process before we journey back to our hometowns.  Hainan is China’s southernmost province, an island in the South China Sea around the same latitude as Hawaii.  We are optimistic about our trip even though we’ll be there during monsoon season at the height of the summer’s heat, haha.  It will be great to spend a few days away from our usual surroundings in order to prepare and think through leaving.

How do you begin to process and work through three years of life in a place such as China? you might wonder.  I don’t exactly have an answer to that, and I’m wondering the same thing.  It’s both sad and exciting.  All of us who are leaving in the weeks to come would covet your thoughts as we transition mentally and physically into the next thing, especially those of us who aren’t sure what that might be.

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  1. Hi, I noticed you said you were coming to Hainan! Nice – my husband and I have been in Hainan for about 5 years now. Anyway, you are probably just going to Sanya, but if you happen to be stopping in Haikou for any length of time, I’d love to have dinner or something! Feel free to email.


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