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Today’s lesson: always log out of your email account

Apparently this morning I left my email account logged in on the office computer.  A couple mischievous colleagues (Jenny-M-soon-to-be-K and Cherie-T) happened upon my defenseless inbox and sent me this:

Dear Self,
How are you today? I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.  By the way, those highlights look fabulous.  You did awesome in Chinese class this morning- keep up the hard work!
Don’t be nervous about going home, everything will work out ok.  Are you excited for Jenny to come visit? You should definitely go to the Great Wall when she comes.  And you should bring Jen with you.  🙂  And Cherie too.
Actually, Cherie has already been, so don’t invite her.
Anna wants to know how much movie rentals cost on Amazon.com.  You should probably get back to her about that soon.
Tip for the day: Always sign out of gmail on the office computers.
Hope you be happy every day!

Future Julie

Lesson: Closing the browser window isn’t enough – you must also log out.  : )

( Yes, Jenny (and Jen), I will take you both to the Great Wall.  Does it count if I watch you climb it from Starbucks?  🙂 )

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  1. haha. that was really nice!

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