Life lately

I have a confession to make.  I was wearing flip flops around the apartment and wore them right into the shower today.  I don’t know why I suddenly reverted back to my college days and their accompanying grody showers, but I looked down and there they were.

Aside from wearing my shoes into the shower, two friends and I decided to take a break from Chinese food and eating in, and treated ourselves to TGI Friday’s tonight.  My Caribbean calamari salad (minus the squid, I had it replaced with chicken instead) was yum and a nice break from the ordinary.

My friend Victoria does a great job discussing and rating the movies she watches and the music she listens to.  I’m not even going to pretend to do as good a job as she does, but I have been listening to some really good music lately.  I feel like the first three aren’t mainstream enough that you may be familiar with them, so I wanted to mention these CD’s in case you’re looking for some new sounds.  The others have a few songs that I really like.

  • Bebo Norman – Between the Dreaming and the Coming True
  • Keith & Kristyn Getty – Awaken The Dawn
  • Christy Nockels – Life Light Up
  • Michael Buble – Crazy Love
  • Owl City – Ocean Eyes
  • Rob Thomas – Cradlesong
  • Chris Tomlin – Live From Austin Music Hall
  • Kutless – It Is Well
  • DC*B – Kherch Music

Classes are going well.  I’m actually not teaching as much as I usually do.  We’re in the throes of the Middle Ages in history class, and about halfway through The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with the international students.

Since I’m not teaching that much, I thought it would be a good use of my time to work on my Chinese.  This has been the first week of working harder than usual at the language in order to prepare for the three classes a week I’ve signed up for.  A lot of people ask me about how much Chinese I can speak.  The truth of the matter is that I’ve been a very lazy student, considering that I’ve called China home for three years.  I usually practice my Chinese on/in street vendors, restaurants, stores, and taxis, where I do just fine.  Chinese people generally understand me the first time I say something and I can generally understand what they say back to me.  The problem is that these kinds of interactions don’t require much beyond basic grammar.  Since I know enough Chinese to get around easily, I really need a push to get beyond that.  Enter the three classes a week I’ve signed up to take.  Even though my time in China is coming to a close, I don’t know when I might use Chinese in the future and I have the time right now to get better.

Aside from starting to think about the yet-unknown next step of my life coming in July, Beijing_is_cold.  When I was in college, girls would appear in flip flops and skirts in the first days of spring.  Not so with spring in Beijing.  In the 50’s during the day, I’m still reaching for my long underwear and I curl up under the blankets at night next to a hot water bottle.  The government turned the heat off about three weeks ago, so it’s pretty cold inside, making the temps outside not as nice as they should be.  I’ve been keeping my curtains closed in an effort to get some more insulation, and my fingers are cold as I type this.  I can’t wait for May and 70 degrees!  And with May will come many visitors – I’m looking forward to sharing my Beijing life with my sister, Amanda, and my Mom when they come to visit for the first time.

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  1. Oh goodness I would not blame you for doing the flip flop thing in college. that is really something I’d do too. I used to take showers with my flip flops on at Camp Cherith all the time.

    I think most of what you listen to is kinda mainstream, but the ones I am unfamiliar with I will give a listening to.

    I look forward to seeing you this summer.

    I am listening to Michael Buble – Crazy Love right now.. . .reminds me of the early 90s music (I can’t deal with it!! sorry!!) Owl city sounds good, but I have a hard time with the weird effect on his voice. I’ll listen to another one of their songs but they remind me of Relient K whom I have been a fan of since 2000 mixed with The Postal Service. I like the song Fireflies better but yeah. . it reminds me a lot of this song: . . if that link isn’t able to work for you in China then I suggest looking up Such Great Heights by The Postal Service. I listened to almost all of them while keeping the window open. I can’t deal with a lot of contemporary music. . . star99 music. but most people I know don’t know or like the music I listen to :: shrugs :: haha.

    I was so worried about you yesterday with the earthquake China got! I talked to my Father about you a lot because of it.

    • The Getty’s are an Irish couple who write modern hymns. If you like them, or are looking for some wrshp music that goes deeper, also check out Sovereign Grace music. One I didn’t add is Josh Bales, but he’s one of my favs, too. I’m going to disagree with you about Buble – I love his jazzy, big-band sound. It reminds me of a more current Frank Sinatra! 🙂

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