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Degooglification has begun

If you hadn’t heard, Google cried foul after it was hacked and fled mainland China for Hong Kong.  When this happened on March 22, users visiting google.com were automatically directed to its Kong Kong site, google.com.hk.  From there searches worked just like anything else in the mainland – results are censored for anything deemed objectionable and some things are blocked.

Until today.

I go to google.com and am redirected to google.com.hk.  All is fine.  I search for “great wall” and all is not fine.  The connection gets reset and I receive the white screen of death.

However, things seem to work if I use the Google search bar within my browser window.  I search for “great wall” and get about 113,000,000 results with Safesearch on via google.com.hk.  All is fine.

Weird, right?  Anyone know why this is or how it might work?

Here’s the original post on the Official Google Blog titled A new approach to China: an update.

Ps – it is 46 degrees and raining in Beijing, and the heat has been turned off for the winter.  I’m going to sleep in two long-sleeve shirts, long underwear, sweat pants, knee socks, and regular socks… with a hot water bottle under a sheet and four blankets.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  Spring cannot arrive soon enough.

3 Responses

  1. This post so reminds me of when I was in China in 2002, and they started blocking google then. Proxies seemed to get shut down as fast as they were shared. It was super frustrating!

    Later, I discovered search engines that had google results, but weren’t blocked (back then, one was business.com).

    Good that you figured out how to search with the toolbar — hope that continues to work!

  2. We haven’t used our heat in over a month and it’s been colder than that… I think you will survive.

    • You’re assuming that American-built buildings are equal to Chinese-built buildings, but they are not. Insulation is quite lacking. It’s in the 30’s at night here, and if it were in the 70’s here like it is in OH I probably wouldn’t be complaining. 😛

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