Le sigh: it’s snowing again

Just as I thought the weather was improving after going for a three mile walk with Anna yesterday wearing only a t-shirt and a fleece, I woke up this morning to the sound of shovels scraping asphalt.  Uh-oh.  Even eight floors up I can hear that loud and clear, and the only thing it means is s-n-o-w.  The weather widget on my dashboard still optimistically proclaims a high of 48 for today, but I think reality says “not happening.”  I traipsed through the slushy streets to go to IF this morning but now I’m back at home under a blanket watching the rain/snow come down, the bottoms of my pants drying out before I have to head back out for a team dinner at 5.  In America I would probably never walk a mile on a snowy slushy day, but in Beijing that’s not too abnormal because you just have to walk to get places.

Speaking of snow, my previous two winters in Beijing only saw a couple snowfalls of under 3″ which melted within days, if not hours.  But this winter it seemed like Beijing saw more snow than Vancouver.  Well maybe that’s not true! but we definitely weren’t trucking in snow like Vancouver was for its winter games and this is the most snow this area of the country has seen in sixty years.  I’m crossing my fingers hoping this is the last snow we’ll see and that March will go out like a lamb.

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