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“I rocks my onesie”

I’ve never watched a season of American Idol from start to finish, but I’ve caught episodes here and there.  I’ve been putting it on in the background this week as I’ve been grading essays.  I don’t have too many thoughts, but here they are.

"Big Mike"

  • John Park: b-o-r-i-n-g.
  • Jermaine rocks his onesie, but what’s with the top-knot?  Jenny, this is the solution to the broken heat upstairs.  The onesie, not the top-knot.
  • I would watch “Jermaine and Simon go to Sunday School: the New Docuseries.”
  • Mullet man should invest in a haircut before he goes back on the air.
  • Aaron Kelly is like Archuleta 2.0.
  • Lee Dewyze needs to buy a better belt, or else he’s going to end up with his pants on the ground.
  • I really like Mike Lynche.  He’s extremely likeable, doesn’t struggle with the pitch problems that the rest of the guys do, and he bench-presses Ryan Seacrest.

One Response

  1. I have no idea what is on American Idol. I’ll have to check that out. sounds so oddddd from reading this entry!

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