Adios USA

Zai jian, USA!  I’m on a direct flight back to Beijing right now.  I’ll land in thirteen hours, returning just in time for the new school term to start on Tuesday.  In my last semester as a teacher I’m teaching 10th grade history, the international students, and an after-school elective in business management.

It’s hard to believe how an intial 10-month commitment slipped into life in Beijing for 36 months, and it seems like I arrived just yesterday.  But as I contemplate the close of this time, there’s one thing I just can’t make up my mind about.  (Warning: deviation from all things contemplative or reflective ahead)

  • The US has Pandora (inaccessible in the PRC).
  • China has Google music – completely free and legal MP3 downloads on which Google pays the royalties (inaccessible in the US).

In an ideal situation, Pandora would suggest music that I’ll like and then I could click over to Google music and let someone else pay for my music downloads.  But which one would I rather have?  I want to have my cake and eat it, too!

To all of you who have been reading and thinking over any part of the past three years – we’re all in this together* and have been entrusted with the call and the message in different ways.  Thanks for taking part in this Asian adventure with me as I finish up my time in Beijing and prepare to depart for the US in July.

*This was an entirely accidental reference to High School Musical, not that I have ever watched HSM or listened to the soundtrack.  And I have definitely never read Twilight.  Ever.

4 Responses

  1. But, Julie, your blog is inaccessible here in Beijing while you are back in the States…

  2. I can only read it when you are back here!

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