Party in the USA

Miley’s got it all wrong.  The USA isn’t all about Jay Z or Britney; it’s all about soft beds, warm running water, heat, uncensored internet (we are, after all, in full support of “non-censorship“), electric mixers, and shoes in my size.  These things have become some of the finer things of life for me, and I’ve been enjoying them since I arrived back in the States.  Here are some of the things keeping me busy while I’m vacationing in NJ:

  • Watching 24 on Monday nights
  • Painting the bedroom I’m moving into when I return this summer
  • Cleaning out the stuff that’s been accumulating in my room since I went to college, like the circa 2001 Mixit platform black heels and sandals I’ll never wear ever again (seven years of stuff = good for the Salvation Army)
  • Visiting my sisters in Ohio with my Mom
  • Writing and planning for a new class this coming semester – I’m going to be teaching a Management elective for students interested in business
  • Researching jobs

I love that I can flip a switch to mix the biscotti ingredients in the Kitchenaid, pop one cookie sheet in the upper oven and another in the lower, and then throw the dirty stuff in the dishwasher, but I really wouldn’t trade in my time in Beijing – where my arm gets a work-out every time I make something in the kitchen and then wash all the dirty dishes by hand in cold water.  It’s taught me what to really appreciate about life, things far simpler than a fancy iPad.

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  1. who knew vacationing in NJ could be so fun!

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