En route to NJ, USA

This is a scheduled post because right now as you are reading this I am on a plane bound for Newark, New Jersey!  I’m looking forward to seeing the New York City skyline in 13 hours, and even driving on the Turnpike and Rt. 80 (yep, I’ve been in China too long!).  Five weeks of HEAT, bagels, a soft bed, clean(er) air, no grading, a language I understand, more hot water than I could use in one shower, Emergence, and family here I come!

I will be in the States until February 21, and I hope to see many of you!  I would love to see you, so please give me a call or drop me an email.  See you soon!

One Response

  1. HA! you think you’re getting HEAT?? Not in our house you’re not! But nice try! But enjoy the bagels. Oh, and we saw you on a video yesterday…eating food at a restaurant. And your roommate talked a few times about different stuff too.

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