I’ve written here and here about the problems with my 2007 MacBook CrackBook, which I have affectionately dubbed the iLemon.  In it’s two-year history, the entire casing/keyboard/touch-pad has been replaced three times (so far) and the motherboard and sound card have been replaced.  Thank goodness I bought Apple Care, although one would hope that after spending $1000+ on a laptop one wouldn’t have to spend an additional ~$300 to make sure Apple is held responsible for fixing its expensive machine when their faulty engineering causes it to break.  And now I’m looking at this yet again:

The Apple CrackBook

When I get back to the States in January my first stop will be the Willowbrook Apple Store before my Apple Care plan is up in June.  Now, lest you think I am especially abusive of my computer and cause this damage myself, my Mom/Sister 1/Sister 2/upteen-number-of-friends/many-angry-netizens have experienced the same problems.  Apparently this is why:

The cracking explained

The Apple CrackBook phenomenon explained

2 Responses

  1. man. you had your laptop in the shop when I last saw you. and people love macs. Pfft. PC all the way (at least in my household haha).

    HOpe it gets fixed PERMANENTLY!

    • The sick thing is, I love my Mac and I’ll buy another one when this one bites the dust. It’s just this generation of MacBooks that continually cracks about every six months. At least the repairs are free! I can’t imagine going back to a PC.

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