A day of snow

We have a snow day!  No one can remember if this has ever happened before, but this is definitely more snow than Beijing has seen in over than a decade.  There is not a snow plow in sight, but people are out shoveling and sweeping the sidewalks (yes, I did say sweeping – who needs a plow when there’s an endless supply of workers with bound bunches of sticks??).  Happy snow day!

Here’s what happened last night after our Sunday night meeting, when everyone found out classes were canceled at both Fu Zhong and Shi Yi (Ren Da is already finished for the semester):

What's everyone staring at so intently?

Mario Wii, of course! Children of the '90's...

Here is some snow graffiti from my international students:

Complements of the Kazakhs

Complements of the Koreans

4 Responses

  1. The facial expression you are making in the first shot is so fun! haha. Congratulations on all the snow you all received out there.

  2. Julie,
    I feel your excitement and am thrilled for the snow day that you all had! What fun! I enjoyed seeing the graffiti of the international students as well. No doubt, this was the first time for many of them to experience the joys of snow!

    • The Indonesian and Thai students are definitely loving the snow! We’re also in the midst of a deep freeze – today was a high of 12 degrees!

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