Random reflections

I was thinking a little today over the past ten years. The decade began when I was 14 years old and a freshman in high school at a New Year’s party. I only remember two things from that party: 1) The Johnson’s were at our house and their kids were really young, and 2) My Dad told me to flip all the breakers for the house at midnight in honor of the Y2K scare that never materialized.

Other personal events that happened included going on several m trips, deciding to graduate from high school early, graduating from high school with a class of three, applying only to Cedarville University and Houghton College and then attending both, buying my first (and only) car, spending two spring breaks in Chicago, getting my BA in Management, studying Spanish and Chinese, living in China for three years, picking up a couple surgeries, picking up a few more piercings (but not a tattoo, Mom!), and learning that I like to see new places.

In 2009, and the end of the decade, I was 23/24. I decided to spend a third year in China and also decided this third year would be my final year, made a concentrated effort to improve my spoken Chinese, visited eight countries, toured every major tourist destination in Beijing, read the Twilight series (mock me if you must), made my first pie crust, circumnavigated Beijing by bike, read through the NT, learned how to play poker (well), and read a lot of books (more about that in a coming post).

Even though this decade has brought a lot of changes (high school, college, living overseas, new language), I’m sure the next one has just as many in store.  I can’t even begin to guess what they might be since I don’t even have a good idea what I’ll be doing beyond this summer, but I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it.  The one who cares for the sparrow and the lilies cares for me even more than this, so I can trust in him for what is yet to come.  I once told him I didn’t have the tiniest bit of interest in China or Asia and look where I am, so now I’m trying not to do that anymore!

And now I’m off to bed because it’s an hour before the new year, and I must be getting old because I don’t care about staying up ’til 12am anymore.  I spent New Year’s Eve 2007 in Times Square so I figure I have the right to go to bed early on every January 31 for the rest of my life.  Although, if I don’t remember to turn my phone off my students are going to ruin that plan with all the new year’s texts I keep getting.  Happy New Year!

5 Responses

  1. Julie,
    Greetings from snowy New Jersey! We’ve received an inch already this morning.

    This new and improved system of receiving your blog posts is great! I enjoyed reading your reflections of this decade. It certainly has been a significant one for you. May He continue to guide you and bless you in the coming decade :-).

    Mrs. Carlson

  2. I was in Times Square in 2003, and I think I have the same feeling now. I’ll probably make it until midnight (especially since my parents are visiting from NJ!), but without much hype!

    • Mike, what did you think of going into the city for that? At the time I felt like it definitely wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, other than bragging rights to say you did it!

  3. I am feeling really old somehow now. I was 16 when 2000 rang in. A LOT has definitely happened since then for me too but It’s so weird to look back on. This was a great decade for me in comparison to the 90s, which I felt were awful in many levels. I am glad that you have had such good changes in the past ten years. Hope you have a great year!

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