Now serving donkey meat and ravioli from scratch

Today is rather ordinary in a sort of unordinary sort of way.  I’ve been on a grading blitz since 7:30 this morning, plugging away to get my grade books squared away to turn in midterm grades next week.  This time of year I usually only report students who are in danger of failing, but this year the school is requiring us to turn in midterm grade reports for each student.  In true China fashion they just told us about this and all of my classes took exams and turned in homework last week.  I’m off of work this week, so I’ve been able to divide the work up over each day, interspersed with some pleasure reading.

So today I’m hoping to finish grading everything except for four classes of essays.  I’m having leftovers for lunch today, but I suspect you’ve never eaten leftovers such as these.  Vegetable beef soup and donkey meat.  Yes, donkey.  There’s a restaurant around the corner that specializes in all things donkey and Andrew D. brought me some donkey leg and heart last night from his dinner and I plan on trying it pretty soon.  Then it’s back to grading, but another unordinary event awaits Anna and I later tonight:

Picture 3

Rumor has it Andrew and Andrew (not only do the roommates share the same name, they also have the same middle name) are serving homemade ravioli and we are looking forward to the food and fellowship.  Then I am leaving tomorrow with two other teachers to go away this weekend.  We’ll be running the childcare program during a retreat for a group of young parents in Beijing who do similar work to us.

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  1. Haha – I’ve never had donkey before! You’ll have to let us know how it is! 🙂

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