Why I’m going to bed before 10PM tonight

We had the first of three harvest parties tonight.  It went smashingly well, which I’ll write more about later this week with pictures, but now I’m pretty much wasted and good for nothing the rest of the night.

Case in point:  My 10th grade students are turning in a creative writing assignment this week about a Greek god of their choice.  A student emailed me tonight saying “I just want to confirm that Zeus is a Greek god and not a Roman god.”  When I replied to him I realized too late – after I sent it – that I had signed it “Zeus.”

I was planning on grading for about an hour, but this is a sign that that would be a very poor idea.  And now, I am going to bed before I do anything worse than that.

3 Responses

  1. I miss you guys!!!!

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  3. […] Why I’m going to bed before 10pm tonight […]

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