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Where’s The Fridge*?

I was well on my way to finishing a very relaxing Sunday morning – I had a great quiet time, I did some reading and journaling, and I cleaned the kitchen.  Then we got a knock on the door and it was Lucy, our fuwuyuan (cleaning lady), and she had three other people with her – the head fuwuyuan of our building, another girl, and a photographer with a big fatty camera.  Could they come in and take some pictures because our apartment is decorated so beautifully?  Anna and I were bewildered and not understanding all the Chinese flying back and forth, but they came in and started taking pictures of our setup.

Things went from weird to really weird when they motioned for us to sit on the couch.  As soon as we sat down they started clicking away from all different angles and for a moment we thought we had made it onto America’s Next Top Model, except it was Sunday morning without any warning and I was wearing a fleece and Anna was sans makeup.  I assure you that our foreign curly hair is going to be the most attractive thing about those photos.  Lucy joined us on the couch and the guy took a few hundred more pictures.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, the phone rang and the dude continued to click away at us while Anna was talking.  It happened to be a Chinese teacher who was able to tell us why they were there.  We’re about to be international celebrities because those pictures are going up on the international section of the school’s new website!  They left as suddenly as they uninvitedly showed up and Anna and I were left just staring at each other in disbelief, but the silence only lasted a few seconds before we exploded in peals of laughter.

*When contemplating this post, Anna and I were searching for a good title.  The only title we could come up with that adequately matched our consternation and incredulity was WTF, but that, of course, would have been wildly inappropriate.  But then Andrew Staab informed us that WTF is an innocent acronym for “Where’s The Fridge.”  Speaking of refrigerators, we have a new one this year and we love it because it doesn’t turn everything inside to ice like our old one did.


One Response

  1. As always, “unexpected but not surprising”. That’s right in line with KC getting pulled into narrating an hour-long RDFZ promotional video about two weeks after our first year started.

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