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It takes a village

Ren Da Fu Zhong has eight new team members this year and we were excited to pick them up at the airport last night.  (I’m also excited to be able to say this in Chinese, thanks to the past three weeks of intensive language class: zuo tian wan shang women qu guo ji chang jie xin lao shi.)  Watching them arrive and investigate their new apartments and our life here makes me remember what it was like two years ago arriving in a foreign country and wondering how I would ever learn how to be a good teacher.  I remember going out to eat with the team the night I got in and not being able to feed myself very well with chopsticks and being so jetlagged I thought I’d fall asleep in my food from exhaustion.

Jet lag had all the newbies awake early this morning and we all had breakfast together – the RDFZ team numbers (including three branch schools: Fen Xiao, Beihang Fu Zhong, Xiang Shan Fen Xiao) stand at 24 adults, 2 babies, and 2 babies on the way.  Last night and today were spent taking care of the essentials – exchanging money at the bank, registering with the school, rummaging through the “free pile” for sweet apartment stuff, buying cell phones and bikes, and stocking up at the grocery store.  It definitely takes a village (or at least quite a few veteran teachers) to take care of a new team and ease them into their new life!


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  1. hey, I’m not trying to be picky, but when you type the pin yin for Chinese…”women” is supposed to be two words, not one…or else people reading this would be like “women”? as in female…? just helping, this sounds quite exciting. I have a long time between Thanksgiving until New Years I believe, so maybe I’ll come back for a visit 😀 and I’ll definitely make some delicious home made from scratch apple pie 🙂 I miss those days…minus the part where the traffic is horrendous, and the air quality is horrible at sometimes. Don’t you miss the blue skies? haha…well there aren’t really any blue skies lately here because its been raining/hot and extremely humid. Miss you!

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