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One week, two weekends

I am in my weekend in the middle of my week – I don’t work for exactly 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday.  Since I am a mature adult, you would think I would be doing mature adult things like cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, shopping for food, or grading papers.  Maybe in a perfect world, but it’s been a long time since Adam and Eve ate that fruit.  Instead, I take pictures of funny things like this.

The domino effect, as seen on the Ren Da campus

The domino effect, as seen on the Ren Da campus. Poor guy whose bike is in the middle of all that.

And pictures of our Easter flowers.

Huar 1.0

Huar 1.0

Huar 2.0

Huar 2.0

The weather is just so nice and vacation is coming up so fast that it’s hard to make myself get things done.  But Anna and I did make enough soup tonight from the leftover Easter chicken to feed an army (or at least fill our freezer) and we’re going with Andrew tomorrow to take a placement test for Chinese class.  I figure that now that I’ve lived in Beijing for about two years it’s time to start learning the language.  You might think that’s pathetic, but I dare you to try to learn Mandarin.  That’s right, it’s pretty dang hard.

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