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Extended blogging absence

I did something I’ve never done before – finish something waaaay ahead of its due date! I was determined to have my final grades finished well ahead of their January 9th deadline so I could enjoy this last week of teaching and spending time with students, so I worked hard and finished everything on Sunday. Today was the last day of classes and it was fun to visit with students and hang out in the office without anything hanging over my head.

My MacBook has been giving me some trouble. I had the case replaced over the summer because it cracked where your palms rest and where the magnet meets the case when it’s closed. Now in Beijing, it’s beginning to crack again and the top case by the hinge is cracking. Fast forward a little and the external speakers died so I have to plug into the headphone jack to get sound. Last but not least, the disk drive spit CDs/DVDs back and couldn’t read anything.

I’m lucky on two counts. 1) I decided to renew the AppleCare Plan, maybe one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. 2) Apple opened its first store in Beijing in July, ahead of the Olympics. I waited until this afternoon when classes finished for the semester to find the store and get repairs made. They’re replacing the top and bottom case, keyboard, disk drive, and motherboard… and it’s all included in the AppleCare Plan.

I can’t say it enough: get the AppleCare Plan! They don’t ask questions if something goes wrong and my experience says something will go wrong. My sister has had her case crack twice and another friend has the same problem. Hopefully the new generation of MacBooks will avoid this problem, but still. It’s worth the money. 🙂

The repairs are going to take up to two weeks and I’m leaving on January 7 to take the backpacking trip of a lifetime through Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore so I’m taking an extended absence from the blog until February. Happy New Year! Xin nian kuai le!

2 Responses

  1. […] in Technology at 6:00 pm by juliekirsten I’ve written here and here about the problems with my 2007 MacBook CrackBook, which I have affectionately dubbed the iLemon.  […]

  2. […] in Technology at 6:00 pm by Julie I’ve written here and here about the problems with my 2007 MacBook CrackBook, which I have affectionately dubbed the iLemon.  […]

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