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Class & Christmas

So it’s Christmastime and my senior classes meet three more times. I’m fairly certain that my last class is going to be canceled, so I decided to show a Christmas movie for the last two weeks. After all my kids have been great – we’ve studied historiography, ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and they gave presentations on major world religions that have influenced the West (Judaism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Islam). It was time to have a little fun!

I decided on Home Alone because I didn’t think I could watch Elf five times without going crazy. I showed Charlie Brown Christmas to all my junior classes, so I’ve seen that five times this holiday season too. I watched the first 40 minutes of little Macaulay Culkin (when he was still cute) once this morning and I’m about to show it four more times. Funny this is, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the entire thing. My Mom really hated the movie when my sisters and I were growing up so I only remember watching it on TV with my Mom making comments about how disrespectful Kevin is the entire time. I’m pretty sure my little brother was always allowed to watch it, though. There are perks to being the baby of the family!


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  1. HAHA. I remember when Home Alone was in theatres and I went to see that one and the second one in theatres. I thought it was hilarious but sad at the same time. It’s one of those movies now that I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing because you feel the pain for the robbers, but at the same time it’s their fault for continually messing with a kid that gives them all their wounds!

    haha. I’ve watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas about 25+ times this season thanks to Leto. I turn off the TV and he turns it on wanting to see it again.

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