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Fauxgiving / Turkey Day

Thanksgiving this year was a bit interesting because we actually celebrated on Wednesday evening. Ren Da and Shi Yi had to teach on Thursday, but our school had off. Janna dubbed our dinner “Fauxgiving,” but we’re the only ones celebrating Western holidays so it kinda doesn’t really matter what day we celebrate them. Anna’s birthday fell on the 27th this year, so it was a long weekend of celebrations.

There were 38 of us total for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone brought something to share! We had a line of tables going down the hall with all the foods and desserts.

Playing games after dinner.

Greg’s trying to ruin our picture!

Anna, Diane, and I

The day after Fauxgiving was Thanksgiving and Anna’s birthday. Maria, Elaine, Ann, and Wendy came over to help Anna blow out her the candles on her strawberry cake.

Wendy made happy face birthday pancakes!

And Anna let me decorate for Christmas, too! 🙂

Our white lights from last year broke so we’re still waiting to decorate the tree, but the rest of the apartment looks and smells like Christmas!

Wendy, Ann, Elaine, and Maria… four of my students from last year who Anna also got to know through her speech elective class.

In case we weren’t sure it was winter, today is a high of -2C (28F). And in case we aren’t convinced, tomorrow is a high of -6C (20F)! I snapped these pictures today of the wintry sunrise over Beijing.


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  1. the turkey drawing made me laugh!

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