There is a big demand for new teachers next year – 23 at the minimum with a max of 45. It is the last year for so many people who have been here for 2-4 years which creates a huge need for next year. Unfortunately there aren’t enough applicants at this point to meet the minimum.

The ERAP program at Cedarville currently supplies teachers to four schools: Renmin University, Ren Da Fu Zhong (high school affiliated to the University), Fen Xiao Ren Da Fu Zhong (branch school of the high school), and Shi Yi middle school. If enough teachers aren’t found very soon, there will not be ERAP foreign teachers next year at the Branch School and those teachers will move to the main campus to fulfill the minimum need. This means that those teachers have to start all over again in their class preparations and building relationships with students in a new place. We of course do not want to see this happen, so will you join us in our thoughts for more teachers? We want to see the program’s influence expand beyond the number of teachers this year.

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