Our apartment is starting to look like people live in it now! We went to a market yesterday (the Americans call it “Purple Star” because it has one on the front, but we have no idea what it’s really called) and got some scrolls and wall hangings. One big scroll, three smaller ones, and ten framed pictures was the equivalent of about USD20. Anna and I are excited about getting them on the very white walls…hopefully things won’t echo so badly after that. I’ll post some updated pictures once things are hung.

My first full week of teaching is almost finished! It went well, all except for my Junior I Oral English Class 10. They were awful today and talked through the entire class, so I had to take points off of everyone. Each student begins the class with 5 points, and each time I have to give a warning or discipline they lose a point off of their participation for that day.

The girls down the hall are cooking for the singles tonight, and then one of the newly-married couples is having a wedding open house with their photos and wedding video. I am tutoring a girl in English tomorrow morning. Her Mom had contacted me about tutoring because her daughter wants to attend college in Australia, and it turns out that she is in my Senior I History class also. After that, several of us are going to the China Open for an afternoon of cheap tennis tickets and the dinner after that. I haven’t been outside of the Haidian District of Beijing, so it will be fun to see more of the city.

Then on Sunday, IF is in the morning and I am studying the Book with some students in the afternoon. After that we have our weekly team meeting where all 32 ERAP teachers come to our school for a time of announcements, song, teaching, and talking to Dad together.

So…a busy weekend is ahead! And I have to create next week’s lesson plans before Sunday evening, too. 🙂

My TMJ has been giving me a lot of problems this week, if you could remember that. It started to get painful last night so I’ve been taking a lot of ibuprofen trying to get the swelling down.

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